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Press Releases

February 27 M11 widening: a “climate double whammy”
January 10 Transport groups join forces to fight big road threats
January 8 M1 widening will increase CO2 and traffic growth
December 4 Reckless Road to Ruin
December 1 Eddington report: review roads programme
December 1 Eddington report undermines case for Weymouth Relief Road
November 27 Price roads to tackle climate change, not build more roads
November 23 Roads Minister agrees M1 widening could be stopped
November 8 A500 road scheme will not boost regeneration in Stoke-on-Trent
October 30 Halt climate change, save cash - end roadbuilding
August 9 A27 road gets go-ahead despite 68% cost increase
August 7 MPs say £12b road programme will increase CO2 emissions
August 2 Department for Transport failing on climate change
July 31 Roads costs increase by £1 million a day - "worse to come" say roads alliance
July 28 Road Block supports the environment watchdogs
July 27 Soaring costs savaged by MPs
July 27 Roads are bad value for money and bad for the climate
July 6 Government give go-ahead to more roads and leaves most 'in limbo' in 10 year transport funding plans
July 3 Second study reveals the Newbury bypass failed - protestors vindicated
July 3 New report shows new roads create more jams
June 6 Roads minister pre-judges Peak District road public inquiry
May 28 Road Block tenders to DfT for CO2 analysis work
May 12 Road Block challenges local authorities over new road plans
April 11 Road building will not lead to sustainable communities
March 29 Government gives go ahead to £209 million road the day after climate failure report
March 28 Traffic growth wipes out climate change gains - end road building
March 23 M6 extension given go ahead despite 280% price increase
March 16 Weymouth relief road not needed for Olympics, says Transport Select Committee
March 13 Road Block welcomes National Audit Office investigation into roads programme
March 9 Blunsdon bypass given go ahead despite 124% price increase
February 14 Government two faced on road building
January 13 Gagged protest over Govt's M6 extension plans
January 10 Residents challenge £500 million A14 road scheme
January 9 Newbury Bypass ten years on – huge traffic growth revealed
December 1 Scotland becomes roads battleground
November 29 Tackle transport CO2 - forget nuclear
November 29 Trams dropped whilst costly roads get funding
November 10 CO2 cuts from greener fuels will be wiped out by traffic increases

October 31

100 new roads in Local Transport Plan

October 18

Government gives roads go-ahead despite cost escalation

October 18

Axing road Public Inquiries will mean more direct action

August 16 Parklife stages DfT sit-in for Saxon King
July 20 Stonehenge - scrap roadbuilding
July 20 M6 Expressway - the "con" in consultation
July 5 Fuel duty must go up to tackle climate change
July 1 Road protestors tear down fences to reclaim Saxon King burial site
June 9 Road user charging must cut traffic and road building
June 7 Exhibition of landscapes under threat from road building - held in parallel with Tate exhibition
May 23 New London motorway will bring gridlock
May 16 Linslade bypass protesters acquitted after stopping bulldozers
May 16 Road campaigners in court over bat protest

May 2

Fuel protests are misguided - climate change is the real crisis
April 29 12 hour marathon - Local protesters force "longest day in Public Inquiry history"
April 15 Carbon emissions from the road haulage industry rocket
April 6 Thames Gateway Motorway Bridge Pre-Inquiry Meetins Ends in Chaos
March 31 Bulldozed Communities Stand Up to Thames Motorway Bridge - Postpone The Public Inquiry!
March 28 Plans for 4000km of New Roads Revealed
March 24 More Roads Mean More Congestion - And More Protest
March 16 Blair is a climate hypocrite say Roads and Runways Groups
March 14 Climate hypocrisy on transport –stop pandering to the motoring lobby
February 15 Transport is 'the unspeakable element' in post-Kyoto climate action
January 25 Linslade Bypass 'digger two' protesters in court
January 24 Protests resume to stop the Linslade Bypass after first victory
January 20 Contractors suspend works at Linslade Bypass due to protests
January 17 Middle England scares off the road bulldozers
January 17 Anti-roads alliance launched, as 'middle England' stands up to a new round of bulldozers


Media Briefings

Climate change and road building: a Road Block briefing for the Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change conference [link to 'climate and road building' file] (February 2005)