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Road Block e-bulletin * 11th March 2005



(1) URGENT – Help stop roads for the next 5 years (Local Transport Plans)

(2) Climate Action - G8 Climate Counter Conference on 14 March and demo at Derby on 17 March

(3) Campaign updates: A120/A12 Braintree to Marks Tey (Essex), Norfolk Northern Distributor Road (NNDR), Tunstall Northern Bypass (Stoke)

(4) Transport news – New guidance for Provisionally Approved schemes, Super Lorries being considered, Streets for People training day

(5) Road Block news – We need help! Road Block national networking conference




The second Local Transport Plans (LTPs) for the next five years (2006-11) are being drafted right now by local authorities (LAs) all over the country. A lot of road-crazy LAs will be submitting ‘wish-lists’ of road schemes, and now is our chance to get in early and stop a potential avalanche.


Draft LTP’s have to be submitted to the Department for Transport in July 2005, and the Full version by March 2006. The schemes have to be appraised alongside alternatives. The DfT will then approve new roads in Dec 2006.


Since the first Local Transport Plan in 2000, 85 schemes have been approved, including the Hastings Bypass, the Weymouth Relief Road and the Linslade Bypass. For all a full list, see the List of Schemes section of our website.

Act now to stop new roads being put into your LA’s Draft LTP in July. Once a scheme is in the Draft, it’ll be hard to get rid of. Whether your campaigning style is letter writing, lobbying, leafleting or demonstrations, this is a critical time to influence what happens in the next 5 years. Some schemes are also being added to a 15 year “Future Strategy” section of the LTPs. Ask whether they are putting any schemes into this category.


Road Block cannot monitor what is happening with all the 85 LAs that are busy plotting roads. We need eyes and ears on the ground. Even if you haven’t got time to do any campaigning about this issue, please can you contact your local authority, and ask them to supply you with a list of all the road schemes that are under consideration to be included in the Draft LTP, and then forward it to us? They are supposed to be consulting on all this!


If you want to do any campaigning about this, Road Block can help you – please contact us for ideas.


(2) CLIMATE ACTION 14th & 17th March


There is going to be a G8 Counter Climate Conference called “Moving Beyond the Greenwash” on Monday 14th March in London, as G8 Environment Ministers meet in London.


For more info see or call or email


Also, on 17th March, there will be a Critical Mass bike ride (10am) and Street Party (12pm) in Derby where the G8 Environment Ministers will be meeting.


For more info: email and see



A120 / A12 Braintree to Marks Tey (Essex)


Public meeting to discuss the Highways Agency plans on 17th March, 7.30pm, at Silver End village hall. Called by local Green District Councillors to build cross-community support for a more sustainable alternative.




Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR)


The County Council was due to decide a route on March 7th, but have deferred for 3 months due to levels of concern raised by Environment Agency and English Nature re: environmental damage. The ‘public consultation’ showed that only 8% of those consulted responded and only 22% of these favoured any route.


Tunstall Northern Bypass (Stoke)


Local residents are awaiting the outcome of their Statutory Challenge to the Exchange Land for this scheme. If they lose, construction could start shortly.




New guidance for Provisionally Approved schemes


Road Block has a copy of the Guidance recently issued to Local Authorities on Appraisal for road schemes that are Provisionally Approved, and are moving towards Full Approval. This stage can take 4-5 years, and previously there was no requirement to re-appraise. This could be a useful campaigning tool. Please contact us if you would like a copy.


‘Super Lorries’ being considered


Fleets of "super lorries", which are twice the size and weight of existing juggernauts, will be permitted on British roads under proposals being studied by the Government. David Jamieson, the transport minister, is "actively considering" applications from hauliers who want to use lorries that are up to 110ft long and weigh as much as 84 tons - almost double the current permitted maximum weight of 44 tons. Transport 2000 have produced an excellent briefing on this, with tips on how to campaign against it. Contact Julia at T2000 on 0207 613 0743, ext 124.


Streets for People Training Day – “Reducing Traffic and Improving Local Transport”


Local activists and residents’ groups can gain campaigning skills and motivation at Transport 2000’s Streets for People training day on 16th April. The day is primarily aimed at local residents and campaign groups with traffic or local transport problems, or at people who just care about traffic and transport issues and what to do something about it. Contact Julia on or 0207 613 0743 ext 124




Road Block could do with some help. Are you able to do publicity design, if we supply the text? Are you able to help us with putting stuff on our website? Do you have any other skills that you would like to offer?


Don’t forget the Road Block national networking conference in Birmingham, Saturday 4th June (suggested donation £10 per attendee). The is a unique opportunity to meet with people from around the country who are opposing road schemes, learn from each other, and share strategies for defeating road schemes. Contact Road Block (details at end of bulletin) for a booking form and more information.


Another group may be organising a direct action gathering on roads and airport expansion on 7th-8th May. Pencil it into your diaries until it is confirmed.


Send us your news! Deadline for next e-bulletin is Thursday, 24th March.